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Who are we?

An elite frontier tech startup factory

AM2 creates and supports startups in the Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing fields, providing human and financial capital from the start.

Our Singaporean-born studio bets on long-lasting assets: stellar scientists, entrepreneurial and industrial teams, bespoke methodologies and playbooks, corporate know-how and a global network of investors.

We have been working on three new ventures so far, and have three more in the pipeline. Explore the future of science entrepreneurship with the AM2 portfolio.

Join the new industrial revolution

Materials • Manufacturing

Generative expertise

AM2 offers a very advanced technical know-how and a unique access to laboratories, capital and prototyping equipment.

Venture manufacturing

AM2 encompasses the entire process of designing, developing, scaling and strategically managing the companies it ignites.

Collective operations

AM2 gathers early an interdisciplinary team of doers, from industrialists to product managers, and attract talents along the way.

Optimized performance

Aggregating properties that are not conceivable in an single startup, the AM2 portfolio strategy balances ambition and collective defensibility.

Where do we operate?

From Singapore to the global scene

Singapore is acknowledged as a global leader in scientific research and boasts a lively startup ecosystem which is still maturing, embracing its role of regional leader and anticipating the next innovation waves.

The country is the world #1 platform in Advanced Materials, but most accelerators and venture capital firms do not work the kind of deep tech big idea, research-driven solutions that the Singaporean academic elite produces. AM2 builds upon this opportunity and turns brain power into market leaders.

Why the studio model?

Scaling frontier technologies

For a start, the scaling journey of a frontier tech company is long and arduous, navigating multiple phases that come with challenges. As a “third co-founder”, AM2 is built to support this journey over the years.

The venture studio model is a great candidate to develop science-driven projects, building on a capacity to “manufacture” and repeat complex processes. With a high degree of specialization, an unbeatable mastery of sectorial value chains, resources and network, the levels of tech coverage and productization are key moats.

Meet the team

For us, nothing is impossible. Make the leap.

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